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A dashboard to manage your sales target. By tightening up your sales process, you'll improve efficiency and gain the visibility you need to close more deals.

Sales Management Application


FMCG Companies


Pharmaceutical Companies


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Fast & Easy!

Extremely easy & fast features to use. Forget about all those complicated softwares that need longer and expensive learning curves to start with.


The program supports a number of languages ​​such as Arabic and English, and the range of languages ​​is being expanded for better service.


The program helps you to show the data in the currency you want with the presence of the main currency.

e-Commerece enabled

Now you can give access to your clients to allow them makes their own purchase order request in addition to the followin features:

  • Simply brows all product list.
  • Review and approve purchase order request.
  • Tracking the purchase order request
  • View and print their own customer statement of account.


An interactive dashboard to manage your sales goals.

By changing the perception in your sales operations, you will improve efficiency and gain the visibility you need to develop your business and increase your company’s profitability.

  • Customer management

    Building clients professionally according to channels and regions, distributing goals to them, and following up on sales for each customer to achieve the sales targets.

  • Sales Target Management

    Flexibility to easily build sales target according to seasonal materials as well as special sales channels for customers according to the company’s vision and distribute them to representatives with an annual plan to achieve the company’s goals.

  • Accounting management

    Accounting reports that help the financial department to know profits and losses and see budgets in real time, as well as the value-added tax to be paid with a lot of useful reports.

  • Analytical reports

    It helps to know the distribution of sales targets and what was sold according to regions, clients, salesmen and collection, in order to follow up the business in detail and achieve the goals in an optimal manner.


VISION is a Cloud based application destined for SME and specially designed to fulfill all distributions firms requirements, such as:

FMCG Distribution Application
Pharmaceutical Distribution Application

customer visits management

Each sales team can create its own customer visit plan based on the number of visits allowed to the customer during the month, as the program controls the customer’s visit before the visit and provides a report to the line manager about the sales team’s visit and the results of the visit for each customer.

inventory management

In VISION, you can build the items you want and make them all under specific sections in an easy and professional way in order to find ease of collecting them, as well as you can know the size of warehouses to be used and the rotation of materials safely without interruption and this helps sales managers achieve their goals without the need to store additional quantities, and the program helps you to make inventory.

The reserve for each product and that the required monthly quantity to purchase it in order to avoid the disconnection of the items and to achieve the objectives as required

suppliers management

Through a simple screen in which the supplier customers are introduced to you with their numbers and positions to be in constant contact with them, and then you can create purchase invoices to provide the items in the warehouses you want to supply to with adding the due date for each purchase invoice according to the agreement with the supplier.

In the event that the conditions are not met in the product, the program allows you to return the problem quantities.

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what our customers says

“The new offered by TARGET system
The ability to show the whole products status at the market quickly and synchronously with all sales staff, which enhances the speed of decision-making according to dynamical works of sales team at field which also provided by TARGET distribution plans and paths .
Also, the flexibility of using TARGET platform from anywhere and across any device”